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I've played Counter-Strike since Source but didn't start playing competitively till CS:GO came around. I had an ESEA account back in 2013 but barely played since I was young at the time and didn't feel like paying the monthly fee since I did not have a job. I mostly played CEVO/AltPug and lots of matchmaking. As I became a better player I started getting involved with ESEA, Qualifiers and LAN's. I do regret not playing ESEA back years before since I feel like I would've been ahead and in a higher division but I digress. Lots of things changed for me in the past year, after playing baseball for 14 years I decided to quit this year in order to dedicate myself fully to Counter-Strike. After attending a few LAN events during 2017 (Fragadelphia 10 and 11) it really opened my eyes on the world of eSports and Competitive CS. I knew from the first LAN I attended that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life whether it be playing professionally or working some way within the industry. My passion for this game is at an all time high and I look forward one day to being a professional, this is just the very first step and I'm glad it's with Royal Flush Seven. After playing many years in traditional sports, I know exactly how to work as a team and hope to bring it to this roster.

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