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RF7's CS:GO Team heads to Fragadelphia

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After a crushing victory during the second round of CEVO playoffs, Royal Flush Seven(RF7)'s CS:GO team is poised to seek a top spot for this online series with their next match January 18th online against SetToDestroy. They are also going to Fragadelphia on January 13th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I had a chance to sit down with our Team Captain Logan 'Voltage' Long, to see how the team are handling themselves, including some brief history on how the team of Motm, L0ner, Nervous, Snakes, and himself got there. 


ZamuraiCris(ZC): So, tell me about this team’s origin story and how you guys formed up?

Voltage(V): We originally began as Team Lit. Snakes and I were part of it and I was the AWPer.


V(cont.): After a while, we met L0NER and motm. We acquired Nervous initially as a fill in and was on an opposing team at the time. Eventually, everything pieced together.

ZC: Wow, seems to me that everything just magically worked out after a while. That’s cool.(laughs)


V: Yeah, we’ve been playing for a good while now. 

ZC: How is the team liking RF7 as an organization?

V: Some orgs aren't as friendly or as involved as RF7. The way everyone supports each other by

constantly communicating is refreshing. You don’t see that with many orgs.

V(cont.): We even had RF7's Rainbow Six team come into our stream and watch our playoff match against FakeOut. They stayed up past midnight in their timezone to see us play.


ZC: That’s awesome! I know my time in RF7 so far has been eye opening. Seeing all of this camaraderie and closeness is amazing. So, I share your sentiments there. I know before joining RF7, I was curious about what exactly made everyone closely knit, too. 

ZC: What are your expectations for the team with the rest of the CEVO Playoffs?


V: After our win against FakeOut, who I thought our team would have trouble with, I’m more confident in the team. Our next opponents Set to Destroy, are beatable.


V(cont.): I know our team has the mentality to place well and win. We prepared a lot for that last round of CEVO. 


ZC: Yeah, for the team to be annihilating other teams in the same division as you, and being younger players, the team is definitely on its way up. Very exhilarating.

ZC: What do you think is the best trait the team collectively has? I feel as though there is an intangible quality that will take you farther than just placing high at CEVO.


V: Before this team, we were very arrogant while winning. In some cases, our comms got so bad that we lost rounds and even games due to our attitude.


V(cont.): It’s different now, everyone helps us keep calm and collected. Our team as a whole has good moods while playing. I know that I’m a good part of settling anything that comes up.

ZC: Is it safe to say that you guys have your comebacks thanks to this mentality? I know you’re like a mediator, which is good trait for a leader.

V: Yeah! One trait the team has is that we never give up because of this. We could be down 5 or 6 rounds like in one of the previous games before reaching playoffs, where we went clutch. Our ability to be humble and take our opponents seriously without it being too intense in our comms allow us to work under pressure.

V(cont.): We're also not about the mentality of having just one 'All Star' player that will carry us. We all have a quality to 'Go off' or pick up the kills when someone isn't doing well.

ZC: I know there's a saying with there being too many chiefs and not enough Indians, being associated with having too many star players in one team. I feel recognizing that and having these qualities will ensure your team a bright future.



ZC: What events are you and the team looking forward to playing in the future?


V: We have Fragadelphia coming up. Since one of our guys can’t make it, we have a stand in named Kilroy. He’s kinda like the trash talker or motivator in a live setting. He also helps pump us up. We do also have a team in our CEVO bracket playing in that event by the name of Bees Money Crew. 

ZC: Looking at your bracket, I can see those matches being close. I'm rooting for you guys to win.


ZC(cont.): ...And speaking of your stand in, I bet he’s the hype man of the group. That’s pretty cool. I know I see that personality type in the Fighting Game scene a lot.(laughs)


V: We’ve known Kilroy for a while, and he’s helped us before at the previous Fragadelphia with his personality. 


V(cont.): But yeah, we’re actually really focused on CEVO playoffs first….Honestly, l think we can make it really far as long as we keep playing well and practice for both events. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I have faith in our team. 


ZC: I thank you for your time and patience in allowing me to set this up with you. I'm extremely excited about the upcoming games.


V: Thanks for having me and giving us the time to talk. 



If you would like to follow our Royal Flush Seven CS:GO team on twitter, feel free to follow @RF7_Voltage, @RF7_L0NER, @RF7motm, @RF7_Nervous, and @RF7_Snakes. We will also have the links to the streams of said tournaments in the article on the @RoyalFlushSeven Twitter account when they go live. Lastly, if you enjoyed the content, feel free to follow @terradine on Twitter as well.

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